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Facebook : Mark Zuckerberg applies Pro- Islamist censorship !!


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After I created a Facebook page for the event a campaign called  » Toutes en mini jupe” (All mini skirt), a campaign against the campaign  » Be a man and veil your women ».
Below is the link:

I was shocked when I received a notice from Facebook administrator informing me that the page  » Toutes en mini jupe” (All mini skirt) that I created for this event has been deleted because, according to Facebook administrator, my Facebook page event is not complying with Facebook standards. Please note that Facebook even blocked my Facebook activities.
This happened when my event began to grow and started to spread in a quick paste on Facebook, especially when so many internet users immediately reacted in favor of my action.

Image 1censure

The following is the link from my own blog of the same event that was published on Facebook: (https://ldlltunisia.wordpress.com/2015/05/23/toutes-en-mini-jupe-la-contre-campagne-de-sois-un-homme-et-voile-tes-femmes/)

Therefore, I invite Mr. Zuckerberg to provide a clear explanation of this censorship to which I can give only one explanation, is to serve the interests of the Islamist movements, that is currently spreading obscurantism and terrorism across the globe . I am appalled to find out that a site of such notoriety acts in a way that I can only describe it as execrable, and that undermines freedom of expression.

Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, let me remind you of your sentence  » I am committed to build a service where you can speak freely without fear or violence ». Unfortunately, all what you are doing is lying and you are doing the opposite of what you saying!

I invite every person who fights for freedom of speech and generally for freedom, I especially invite journalists around the world, to grasp this case and demand answers from Facebook.
I shall remind you that this is an extremely serious matter and dangerous reaction from Facebook, that I cannot let it slip that easily, and I will not be silent about it. I would even go to American courts and sue Facebook in the United States of America.

Rachid Ben Othman — (Translate by Jihane Ben Khedhe )  

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